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We are proud to share with all of you our new UPDATES that transform Theasys into an easy to go creative experience! The list is kind of long and includes many new cool features and functionality.

What is new on the VR Editor App:

  1. A refined VR Editor App. We have performed a series of changes on the interface that offer a better and more intuitive experience working on the platform.
  2. We have added a new button on top of the Panoramas’ Library. This new button lets you choose whether your Panoramas will be named after their filename (current) or their Titles inserted by the "Panorama Properties > General > Title" option. This new feature can save a lot of time during the Linking Process.
  3. We have added a new functionality on adding or editing a hotspot’s action. Just double click on a hotspot in the 3D Editor to add a new action or edit a current one.
  4. We have added 5 new hotspots’ actions. The new hotspots’ actions are:
    • Display Image Gallery
    • Display Iframe
    • Display Pdf
    • Presentation (2 different styles)
    • Email
  5. We have added new functionality on some of the current hotspots’ actions. The new functionality is:
    • Display Image. We have added the ability to zoom in on the image pop-up and use touch gestures on mobile devices. Furthermore, we have increased the max resolution of the delivered pop-up image to 2K. This solves readability issues of text-rendered images on mobile devices or smaller resolution screens.
    • Display Video. We have added a new Aspect Ratio feature that lets you choose the aspect ratio of your YouTube or Vimeo videos.
    • Display Info Panel. We have added many new editing capabilities on the Html Editor. You can now choose the format of your text, the size and color. Furthermore, you can now add videos, tables, special characters or set the alignment. The best thing is that you change the Font of the text (full or partial) by choosing among more than 1000 fonts. Finally, we have added the ability to write your own html or css by directly editing the HTML Source code.
  6. We have developed a new tool that lets you fully Customize the Look & Feel of all your pop-ups. You now have complete freedom to customize the appearance of your pop-ups and directly preview the result directly through the VR Editor App. And guess what? You can create themes for your pop-ups to use on any other project throughout your account without the need to re-create them.
  7. We have added more than 1000 fonts to choose from while adding a 2D Text Hotspot.

What is new on the Customizer:

  1. We are now providing you the ability to create rich text descriptions for your tours.
  2. We have added a new option called “Theme Fonts”. Choose among more than 1000 fonts to use for your Virtual Tour theme.
  3. We have added a new option that lets you customize the landing page when a tour is password protected.
  4. We have added new styling options when a start screen is enabled for your tour.
  5. We have added the ability to directly change the size & opacity of your logo through the customizer.
  6. We have added new options under "Titles & Descriptions" that let you choose a theme for the pop-up or change the Font of those properties.
  7. We have added 2 new options for Thumbnails. The first one lets you choose whether to Auto scroll to active panorama and the second one adds the panorama title on top of the gallery. Finally, there are new styling options that let you completely customize the look and feel of your thumbnails’ gallery. Navigational arrows have been added in addition to the current touch & drag ability.
  8. We have added new options that let you choose the pin and radar colors and size for both Custom Maps (Floorplans) and Geo Maps. More styling options are available.
  9. We have added styling options for the menu items.
  10. We have added the ability to choose a theme (styling) for the Background Sound pop-up when Auto Play is enabled.
  11. We have added the ability to choose a theme (styling) for the Share pop-up. Furthermore, you can now choose the networks to which the share will be available.
  12. We have added new styling options for the Context Menu (right click on the viewer).
  13. We have added the ability to choose a theme (styling) for the Cookies Consent pop-up.
  14. We have added the ability to create Embed Templates. All your cool options can be saved and re-used with just a click.

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