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At Theasys we strongly believe that your success is our success. We always listen to your needs and try to adapt by offering you constant updates and new functionality that skyrockets your productivity.

We are happy to announce some cool new features we have added on Theasys.


The list of updates includes:

  1. We are raising the upload limits. Now you will be able to upload really huge files (jpg, png, gif & tif) with max dimensions of 25600px X 12800px and a file size of up to 200MB. More than double the current limits!
  2. We are raising the max allowed number of panoramas per tour. Now you can create tours with up to 200 panoramas!
  3. We are adding a new "Panoramas Optimisation" option in the viewer. This new option will allow you to choose the served resolution for your panoramas (desktop, tablets & mobile) which can be up to 8K. Furthermore, we have completely re-designed the way that the panoramas load on the viewer and now give you the option to choose how this whole thing will be working. Prepare for load speeds 5x faster than it is now. Learn more about Panoramas Optimization.
  4. We have added 5 new Walkthrough transition options. You are going to love them!
  5. When there was a background sound on the tour and you opened a video popup (with sound), then the sounds would mix giving an unpleasant result. This has been fixed and now when opening a video popup the background sound pauses. When you close the popup the background sound resumes.

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